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Type 11

The origin of this overprint is currently unknown.

From an archive search on the Internet I found a firm called George Cohen & Sons who are described as Shipbuilders, Hydraulic Engineers, Scrap Iron & Metal Merchants.

A Post Office Commercial Directory of 1865 lists no fewer than 88 firms using the name Cohen.  Without more information it is unlikely that the true user of this overprint will be established.


1872. Unofficial overprint type 11 in black.

PP22 3d rose (SG 103 or J34)
Plate 9


There are a number of later perfins that indicate possible identities, such as:

Cat No. Letters Identity
B1710.01   B C/& S

B. Cohen & Sons Ltd.
11 19 Curtain Road
Worship Street
London E.C.

L1320.01 L/C & S 

Louis Cohen & Sons.

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