The examples below are all PP58 a 1d. lake-red (SG 43 or G1) with a Wm. Dawbarn & Co., Liverpool type 19 overprint, reading downwards on cover.

pp058-119cover.jpg (76912 bytes) pp058-139cover.jpg (75820 bytes) pp058-154cover.jpg (88306 bytes)
Plate 119 Plate 139 Plate 154
pp058-170cover.jpg (90982 bytes) pp058-171cover.jpg (91335 bytes) pp058-172cover.jpg (91689 bytes)
Plate 170 Plate 171 Plate 172
pp058-187cover.jpg (95595 bytes) pp058-1-6cover.jpg (80202 bytes)
Plate 187 Plate 1?6

As you may have noticed, all these covers were addressed to the same recipient one Arthur Wyatt Esq. of Bangor, North Wales.  This may lead you to suppose that all the covers were purchased by me as a job lot.  In fact they have all be purchased singly over a period of more than ten years.


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