J. H. Schroder & Co.
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Type ? (Unlisted by S.G.)

This overprint is from the firm J. H. Schroder & Co.

They were Merchants and Bankers based in Liverpool.

This was a separate company to, but essentially a branch office of, J. Henry Schroder & Co. (established 1818).  This parent company was based at:

    145 Leadenhall Street
    London E.C.

Johann Heinrich Schroder founded the Liverpool based company in July 1839.  The firm was a major player in the Liverpool cotton trade in the 1850s.  Their business declined heavily with the introduction of the Atlantic Telegraph in 1866, which permitted direct contact between buyers and sellers, thus eliminating their role.
Upon Johann Heinrich’s death in 1883 the Liverpool company was finally wound up.

The parent company still exists today as Schroders plc a company dealing mainly in Asset Management, having sold its investment banking business in 2000.

This, currently unlisted, overprint is an unofficial overprint in black.
The overprint is believed to have been in use from around 1867 (as the 3d rose plate 5 was put to press on 18th December 1867).


1867. Unofficial overprint type ?? (unlisted) diagonally in black, reading upwards.

PP? (unlisted) 3d rose (SG103 or J31)
Plate 5

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